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UK based milling centre. Qualified, GDC registered, experienced technicians, providing excellent Lab-to-Lab service.

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Best quality material and affordable prices

We are putting a lot of effort to make sure all of the materials we use are of the highest quality possible and with the required certification. With that in mind, we also do our best to keep very affordable prices.

Quick turnaround times

We understand time is essential. We offer very reasonable turnaround times, this includes express options, so you can be sure your restorations arrive on time.

We are happy to help

If you have a scanner we are happy to accept your designs. We also gladly accept scans should you prefer us to design. If you do not have scanning facilities post your models to us, we will scan and design restoration for you. We will send the designs before manufacturing, so you are always in control.

ZirkonZahn Prettau 3 – Lab to Lab service

We now offer Zirkon Zahn Prettau 3 Dispersive milled from pre shaded blocks. It is available exclusively as LAb to Lab service. Please contact us for detasils.

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Wide range of high-quality zirconia

We use a wide range of high-quality materials to achieve the best results for your restorations. We have zirconia suitable for every type of restoration. We offer Multi-layer, Aesthetic and Max Strength zirconia so you can choose what is best for your customers.

Full-contour crowns and bridges
Single and multiple units frameworks
Implant frameworks / full-contour units
Implant abutments

We welcome labs with and without scanning facilities. We are always happy to help.

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Starting at £59 inclusive of a ti-base and a screw

Great Offer on hybrid abutments and crowns !!!

Available in: Emax, Zirconia Cobalt-Chromium, Titanium. Please contact us for a list of available connections and full price list.

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ISO and CE certified

Custom made Titanium Abutments

Milled from pre-milled blanks. We offer over 100 platforms, please contact us for details. Our abutments milled from STL files are priced at £45 inclusive of a screw. Abutments require some finishing and polishing, around 5 min time. Connection fully finished as it is milled from a pre-fabricated block.

Cost effective

Metal Crowns

Milled from medical grade materials. Starting from £10 if milled from STL file.


Great cost effective solution for your silver NHS crowns.

Very low allergy risk

Titanium is one of most biocompatible metals available.


Available in Cobalt Chromium, Titanium and NPG

About us

Quick turnaround times

Quick turnaround times. Jobs sent to us before 10 AM are guaranteed to be sent out the next day. For an additional fee we offer same-day milling, please contact us for details.


We offer basic and advanced CAD training at your site or in our facility should you need it. We also offer support plans. Contact us for details.

Great flexibility

We can provide scan-bodies and libraries to work with your design. We understand not every lab have scanning facilities or time to scan and design, so we offer scanning services.

Affordable prices

We are working only with CE marked materials and we care about the quality of our product. We also understand price is essential so we are doing everything we can to keep our prices affordable.

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