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Zirkonzahn Prettau 3 – scan and design included

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Zirkonzahn Prettau 3 – scan and design included


Zirkonzahn Prettau 3 Dispersive – scan and design included

Prettau® Dispersive® zirconia materials are provided with a gentle and natural colour shading already during the manufacturing process thanks to a smooth, dispersive shade transition. With the new Prettau® 3 Dispersive® zirconia, we have now developed a zirconia material with a triple gradient by using the Gradual-Triplex-Technology. In addition to the colouring, also translucency and bending strength levels change. While the incisally increasing translucency results in a highly translucent incisal edge, the cervically increasing flexural strength results in an extremely high flexural strength at the tooth neck. Accordingly, Prettau® 3 Dispersive® can be used for all kinds of zirconia restorations, although it is particularly suitable for monolithic restorations. For a material-identical determination of the patient’s tooth colour, special zirconia shade guides with sample teeth made of Prettau® 3 Dispersive® are available in the shape of a premolar as well as lower and upper incisors. If the material of the shade guide and the material of the zirconia crown are identical, it is ensured that the colour of the zirconia restoration corresponds 1:1 with the natural tooth colour of the patient.

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Additional information

Weight 0.01 kg

Processing time

Please note there is no fixed processing time. Manufacturing depends on the design approval process – processing time starts after this step. We will send the design by the end of the next day after we receive the job. 

Please note that with multiple products within one order, the longest processing time applies. For express orders, we will let you know by the end of the day if fulfilling it on time required is possible. Should you need this information earlier, call us.

Material Information

  • Zirconia with Gradual-Triplex Technology: Triple gradient with natural colouring as well as increasing bending strength and translucency values
    • Cervically increasing flexural strength; extremely high flexural strength at the neck of the tooth
    • Incisally increasing translucency; highly translucent incisal edge
    • Merging colour gradient that reproduces the natural tooth colours from dentine to enamel


~ 670 MPa*
~ 1100 MPa*
~ 1200 MPa*
Bending strength gradient Translucency gradient Colour gradient Final result
* Average value of the biaxial bending strength from several test series


  • Colour scheme from A1-D4 as well as 3 Bleach shades; special zirconia shade guides in the shape of a premolar as well as lower and upper incisors (also customisable!)
  • Manual colouring with Colour Liquids is not required anymore, but can be done with Colour Liquid Prettau® Aquarell intensive colours to achieve a more patient-specific result
  • No limitations! Can be used for single crowns, inlays, onlays, veneers, bars and multi-unit bridges (reduced or fully anatomical), especially suitable for monolithic design
  • Fast sintering of single crowns possible
  • No ceramic chipping (thanks to the full anatomical design)
  • Personalisation after sintering with ICE Stains Prettau® and ICE Stains 3D by Enrico Steger