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We are now official Milling Centre for VITA products.

VITA has been shaping progress in dentistry since 1924.
Much has changed since then. One thing has remained the same: The desire to find increasingly better solutions for the fabrication of perfect prostheses. The demands and requirements of dental technicians, dentists and patients are always in focus.

Vita YZ® – high quality translucent zirconi for great esthetic restorations.

VITA YZ®SOLUTIONS is a coordinated material system made of ZrO2 blanks and the accompanying system components. This enables the precise and accurate shade production of fully / partially veneered and monolithic restorations. Discover the advantages!
VITA YZ SOLUTIONS includes zirconia blanks in four degrees of translucency with matched system components for reliable shade reproduction.
VITA YZ blanks can be used for the production of fully/partially veneered reconstructions and monolithic bridge restorations in the anterior and posterior tooth regions.
VITA YZ blanks are available in several versions, at the moment we offer: T (Translucent), XT (Extra Translucent).

VITA ENAMIC® – The first hybrid ceramic with a dual network structure,
which optimally absorbs the occlusal forces.

VITA ENAMIC is the fi rst hybrid dental ceramic in the world with a dual-network structure. In this dental material, the dominant ceramic network is reinforced by a polymer network, with both networks fully integrated with one another. VITA ENAMIC is a dental hybrid material that combines the positive characteristics of a ceramic and a composite.

In addition to a high degree of elasticity, this innovative hybrid ceramic guarantees particularly high load capacity after adhesive bonding. As a result, this material is perfectly suited for posterior crown restorations and also enables the reduction of wall thicknesses for minimally invasive restorations.

The superior reliability of VITA ENAMIC, as well as its precision, edge stability and corresponding milling accuracy, are also excellent features. Finally, this toothcolored hybrid material offers material properties that are almost identical to those of natural teeth, ensuring a natural play of colors, thanks to its excellent light conductivity.

VITA SUPRINITY® – the new zirconia-reinforced, high-performance glass ceramic

The lithium silicate ceramic VITA SUPRINITY is enriched with approx. 10 wt% zirconia. This results in improved mechanical properties. The particularly fine-grained and homogenous microstructure also facilitates excellent material quality, consistently high load capacity and long-term reliability.

Moreover, the particularly homogenous, fine-crystalline structure not only enables greater edge stability and thus more precise milling results, it also provides for excellent milling and processing characteristics during manual reworking.

Shade characterization of VITA SUPRINITY restorations can be quickly and easily carried out using VITA Akzent Plus stains. These fluorescent stains allow internal staining of restorations during layering as well as staining and fine glazing of external surfaces.

For highly esthetic results using VITA SUPRINITY, the cut-back technique can be used in combination with the VITA VM 11 veneering ceramic to create restorations that are tailored to individual patient requirements.